About Me

Welcome to my blog! My goal here is to create a detailed documentation of one family’s path to financial independence (FI) while living and working in Boston, Massachusetts. What this means is sharing, in terrifying and exquisite detail, my family’s income and spending, as well as explaining all of our financial decisions, good or bad.

Why would I ever want to do this?

If you are at all interested in personal finance or financial independence, there are literally hundreds of different blogs you can find detailing how to achieve financial independence. However, many of the big names in this field are writing about financial independence after they retired early. For many people, it is easy to write off these incredibly informative blogs as misleading or unattainable for the majority of people.

To clearly demonstrate that FI is attainable by most families, I want to share my own family’s finances over the course of the next several years. We are currently young (29), newly married, and living in Boston, a very high cost of living city. As time marches on you’ll (hopefully!) see our path to FI, whatever that looks like.

Most of life’s big events still lay before us: Do we buy a house? Do we move out of the city? Do we change careers? Should we have kids? As each decision comes up, we’ll clearly document what choice we made, why we made it, how we think it’ll impact our lives and finances, and then you’ll get to see over the years how things actually work out.

My ultimate goal is for this blog to serve as a template for other people who can see something of their lives in our own. By documenting everything in our finances, I hope you can take what works for you and apply it to your life while avoiding the mistakes I’m sure we are going to make.